Fun Vouchercodes at Dominos

Lets face it buying online will almost always save you money. With overheads and running costs a fraction off high street, means retailers can offer their products a lot cheaper. The Internet has changed the way we shop forever and the online savings are very attractive for savvy shoppers.

Then came vouchercodes. They exploded onto the Internet several years ago and quickly became very popular. In fact many online shoppers search for vouchercodes before deciding whether or not to make a purchase. So they are commonplace and now retailers are coming up with new ways to get their codes noticed.

At the time of writing Dominos have a novel way to spread word of their newest vouchercode. You can play a game where you have to channel you inner cowboy or cowgirl and fire a shot hit a target. You can then share it on you social media accounts and the more views you get the more you save.

It has been very popular for Dominos and the game has been played over 5000 time in the first week. So why not try it out and have some fun whilst saving money.

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