You Going on Holidays

We are half way through February already and its getting to the stage where we have decided we need a holiday. Even though we are only back to work a few weeks we can see a long year ahead of us and the cold weather makes us yearn for sunnier climates.

Whilst looking through google and the endless travel website that promise us they have the best deals, we suddenly realise our credit card statement is sitting beside us unopened. Once opened it becomes apparant that we will not be going on holiday this year afterall.

However if we are smart with our credit card payments we can make it easier to pay the balance and limit the interest. There are lots of credit card companied trying to get you to use their card. They all offer free balance transfers if you switch to using their cards. So effectively if you play your cards right (see what I did there) you are getting interest free credit.

The key to saving money on the interest is to then pay the balance on the loan off as quickly as possible. The credit card company will always give you an amount of time before they will also start to charge interest. One of the best deals I have seen at the moment is from the Halifax where they are offering 43 months interest free on the money you transfercredit4. This will give you more that enough time to get your balance paid off.

It is however worth taking time to look through the various websites that offer the comparison deals on credit card balance transfers to get the best deals for your circumstances. There are cards available for people with good and bad credit so make sure to take the time and pick the one that is best for you and who knows you might get that holiday after all.

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