This year’s expert guide to jewelry trends


The shiny new year is in full swing, and we have the latest trends to prove it! New Year means a new outlook on life-so to be bold. The looks that are trending this year are all about mixing things up, stepping outside your comfort zone, and daring to be different. Even jewelry as classic and traditional as pearls are experiencing an edgy reboot, and we are here for it.

We have all the details on jewelry trends to watch in the coming months. Our experts have done all the investigating for you, so you don’t have to! From mixed metals, textures, and chains to bright, mismatched earrings, it has all of the jewelry trends you’ll be seeing and emulating in the new year.

Year’s Jewelry Trends – Mixed Metals & Textures

Year's Jewelry TrendsThe unique mashup of chains, links, textures, and various metals offers a fun new way to celebrate your individual style while looking trendy as ever. The possibilities are endless with this look, and mixing and matching your favorite necklaces and chokers is so easy and definitely gets the creative juices flowing!

Year’s Jewelry Trends – Lariat Necklaces

Year's Jewelry Trends“What’s old continues to be new, and lariat necklaces are back and hotter than ever. These necklaces are the perfect shape and can complement any outfit. The cool thing about this trend is you can wear them short, you can wear them long, and you can even layer them.”

Lariat necklaces can look simple, yet elegant and are definitely on-trend right now. Use different styles to dress up or down an outfit, depending on your personal style. Wear it long, wear it short or wear it as a bracelet!

Year’s Jewelry Trends – Mismatched Earrings

“Mismatched earrings are taking the fashion world by storm! Whether you subtly mismatch a few pairs of studs or play with totally different lengths and colors, it is a fun way of letting your individuality shine through.”

This unique and trendy look is perfect for adding a bit of couture and glamour to a fashion-forward outfit. Choose to be bold this year and go for a look that lives right outside the box. This trend is also significant because it doesn’t matter what earrings you choose to wear as long as they are mismatched. Go with one big statement earring or one drop earring paired with one stud! Or, mismatch two different looking studs, like the lavender and blue sapphire hard candy earrings in the last slide.

Year’s Jewelry Trends – Pearls

Year's Jewelry Trends

“Pearls are and will always be classic and timeless. With a bit of a modern twist, there is something for everybody!”

Pearls tend to have a reputation of being too traditional, but these are definitely not your Grandmother’s pearls. The beads on trend right now are funky and very modern while also still being the classic pearls we all know and love. From hoops to chokers, these edgy looking pearls look good with any outfit and will be sure to make a statement!

Year’s Jewelry Trends – Bright Colors

Bright colored jewelry is an easy and fabulous way to add personality and excitement to any outfit, day or night!”

Bright, colorful pieces are a foolproof way to make a neutral outfit look bold and daring. Our customers have been loving earrings, rings, necklaces, and everything in between with a pop of color, and this popularity will definitely not be fading away with the winter months. Our buyers have loved these colorful pieces – and for a good reason! This trend has been dominating the runways and can be seen everywhere these days. Fun and bright colored jewelry are perfect for adding some excitement and whimsy to the sometimes long and drab winter. These vibrant studs, necklaces, and rings are just what we need and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

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