The Art Of Stacking Bracelets


The lady’s wrist can tell you her mantra instantly. Those who are decorated with bracelets and tassel bracelets on their wrists will belong to those who like to live on the edge like a rebel, and an arm decorated elegantly with a smooth strap and a thin crystal strap is suitable for those who like to keep it simple. A girl wearing a colorful bracelet on her arm likes to keep things playful and playful. No matter what effect your wristwear has on you, putting them together is not exactly a child’s game.

The trend of stacking bracelets cannot be casually stacked on the bracelet in front of you. It is more like an art and needs to be mastered before it is correct. So here are some tips and guidelines to change this trend regardless of your style. See more jewelry

When picking up different bracelets to stack the appearance, always keep these things in mind.

Stacking Bracelets – Colour:

Stacking Bracelets Try to create a harmonious look with a basic color story; it is also a good idea to change slightly on the same color line. Coupled with a touch of metallic texture, you can avoid a dull appearance. Otherwise, you can also mix many popular colors to create an interesting look.

Stacking Bracelets – Texture / Material:

Stacking Bracelets When stacking wristbands, try to use different kinds of textures and materials. Mix metal with cubic zirconia, stud with leather, plastic with microbeads, you can try all methods, but don’t overdo it when mixing textures and materials. Mingling more than three types of textures and materials is a big no-no!

Stacking Bracelets – Size:

Stacking Bracelets Now, for most people, this is usually a tricky business. Mixing many smooth and small bracelets does not make up for the impressive effect, and putting many big bracelets together will make you look like a big bracelet shelf. Therefore, it is best to always maintain a healthy mix of thickness and thickness; the ideal ratio is one thick bracelet or 2 to 3 thin bracelet cuffs.

Some people like to put the bracelet on both wrists, while others like to put it on the one hand. There is nothing wrong or right here. This is related to the confidence and comfort of your bracelet. The following are some Bollywood celebrities whose bracelet trends are increasingly stacked.

You can always use this trend as your best friend, because this is a trend that can be customized according to your mood on any particular day.

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