All About The Tiffany Yellow Diamond

   Tiffany Yellow Diamond In a sea of crimson frills, Lady Gaga stood out at last night’s Oscars in a beautiful black Alexander McQueen get dressed and elbow duration sleeves. She changed into the photograph of Old Hollywood glamour. However, the entirety of her appearance becomes the mythical Tiffany yellow diamond putting on her neck. 

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond

Tiffany Yellow Diamond

The well-known 141-year vintage yellow gem is one in all Tiffany’s most prized possessions. It initially hailed from the Kimberly diamond mine in South Africa. It turned into bought as a tough diamond via the corporation’s founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, in 1877 while it weighed a whopping 287.42 carats! But even after slicing and polishing, the Tiffany yellow diamond continues to be massive. It weighs 128.54 carats and capabilities 82 radiant sides. 

In 2012, to have fun the one hundred and 75th anniversary of Tiffany’s, the yellow diamond become reset in a diamond-encrusted necklace. The necklace took over a year to make and features 20 Lucida diamonds and 58 splendid cut diamonds amongst its 481 stones. The necklace includes over one hundred carats of diamonds, in addition to the yellow diamond. 

The Diamond’s Heritage

Tiffany Yellow Diamond

This magnificent rock has some exact renowned moments. However, it is most famous among has been probably if it had been worn with Audrey Hepburn in a photo-shoot boosting Breakfast in Tiffany’s in 1961. The pearl has been put at a necklace. The Tiffany bead has perhaps not yet been exploited. 

Yellow Diamond – Gaga Edition

Tiffany Yellow Diamond

Fast ahead to the 2019 Oscars and the diamond made it is first-ever looking at the pink carpet! This awards season has been a big one for Lady Gaga because of her splendid work at the movie A Star is Born. The style icon has taken suggestion for her purple carpet seems from Old Hollywood and stored her satisfactory ensemble for the Oscars. And it doesn’t harm that Lady Gaga is a spokesperson for Tiffany. 

While Lady Gaga did not win for the quality actress, she gained an area inside the pinnacle crimson carpet that appears of all time. And by choosing the Tiffany yellow diamond, Gaga has increased her appearance from classically stunning to reasonably memorable.

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