Will the metal of the wedding ring change color over time?

When you start shopping for wedding rings, you may be surprised by the thousands of choices for your wedding rings. As an engagement ring, the choice and design are endless. One thing you need to figure out is which metal you want to use for the wedding ring.

When people choose between metals, one of the most popular questions we encounter is: “I heard that metals change color over time. Is this true?” The three most popular The choices are gold, white gold, and platinum for the wedding ring, but only one of the three colors will change over time. Do you know which one it is?

Metals Change Color – Yellow Gold

wedding ring change colorYellow Gold is a very traditional color of wedding rings and engagement rings, and the charming yellow does not change with time. The color remains the same, because when mining gold, it is naturally yellow. When making wedding rings, the gold you see is made by combining pure gold with other alloy metals (such as zinc and copper). This process helps to further emphasize the yellow that we already know and love, and can also harden the originally soft metal.

Pure gold is too soft to be used alone as a wedding ring, so it is necessary to mix gold with alloy metals to maintain its shape. Gold is measured in carats, and can accurately tell you the percentage of pure gold used to make the ring, expressed in 24 parts.

Metals Change Color – White Gold

wedding ring change colorWhite gold is like gold, not pure gold. Platinum is made by mixing naturally mined gold with other alloys (such as silver, palladium, nickel, or zinc), which are white metals. The combination of metals will produce a white ring with a yellowish hue. The ring is then plated with rhodium to give it a bright white color, which you can find in new jewelry set in white gold.

White gold is not a naturally white metal, so it will turn yellow over time, because gold is a natural yellow. To make your white gold wedding ring look like a new ring, when the wedding ring starts to turn yellow, your wedding ring needs to be rhodium-plated to ensure that it looks white. How long does it take for a White gold wedding ring to start yellowing? The answer varies depending on your lifestyle and how often you wear jewelry. However, if you wear a wedding ring every day, the White gold ring may start to show a faded yellow color after 12 months of wearing it. Therefore, when you buy a White gold wedding ring, make a long-term commitment to maintain the white appearance of the metal.

Metals Change Color – Platinum

wedding ring change colorPlatinum is a naturally white metal, so it will not fade or change color over time. When making platinum wedding rings, the purity is usually 95%. Other 5%? Other natural white alloy metals. Therefore, it is one of the purest metals you can buy and does not change color over time, which is why we always recommend platinum over white gold if you are looking for a beautiful white wedding band.

When platinum ages, it does not change color or turn yellow like platinum, but only loses its luster. When platinum loses its reflective luster, it will not become dull, but will produce patina or satin-gloss or luster due to daily wear. Some people like the lively appearance of bronze, but if you want gloss, the jeweler only needs to polish your wedding ring to restore it to its original state.

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